Singing Coneflowers

Singing Coneflowers
8 x  10
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Visiting  the  Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center to see the  different types of plantings grouped in the beds is a great resource for inspiration for my garden and for painting. The plant specimens are  hardy and I come away not only wanting to paint the flowers in the beds but I also get an anticipation for spring and what it will bring.


Bay Walk

Bay Walk
4 x 6
outside edge of  white mat is 8 x 10
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This little painting is the first  I have painted in quite some time in pastels.  I worked extensively in oil pastels for many years, then  took on  oils. There is something ever so wonderful about  the quiet layers one gets from the chalk pastels. I created a similar landscape in oil pastel, and found the chalk more to my liking. I present them here to show le difference.  Which do you like better? and why?

oil pastel version


Roses are Red

Roses are Red, Yellow, Pink and White
18 x 24
oil on cradled panel

I enjoyed painting these gorgeous roses that Pat gave me!  They lasted for a good two weeks!!  They are just beginning to fade and I will miss them when they go!! Their fading beauty reminded me of this verse from Matthew 6:29-31

29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’

Beauty can be found in a rose, or in an attitude.  Reading the devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, I gleaned a beautiful application that I just wanted to share with you. "Trusting God protects you from worrying and obsessing.   Thankfulness keeps  you from  criticizing and complaining.  Keeping your eyes on Me is the same as trusting me. It is a free choice that you must make thousands of times of times daily. "  


Awaiting My Spring Garden~Happy 'Valentine's Day!!

Spring Garden
8 x 8
oil on cradled wood panel
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I have loved seeing this spot in my garden evolve slowly over the years. My mom gave me the Rhododendron and last year it was at least 12 feet high and the red rose, a gift from Pat (my hubby) is about 6 feet wide.  It's flowers get more prolific each year. I love how it combines with my oak leaf hydrangea.   My cousin Ken made me the birdhouse and I just love it and so do the birds! Every year a new family, or the same one?, creates a nest inside.  Early spring I get to watch the mom and pop activity of finding the nest bedding!  


Va Beach

Va  Beach
6 x 6
acrylic on canvas
Seagulls beach's butterflies

When I was a little girl I remember my dad teaching me to catch sand fiddlers.  I have fond memories of the beach as a kid with the rafts, waves, the nearby Belo  Supermarket that we would visit on the trudge back home. I get a familiar feeling  when I walk the beach to this day.  Last week I saw this scene- a beach pump was making a pond for the seagulls, they loved it.


Chocolate Cupcake with Pink Hearts

chocolate with  the hearts
acrylic on 6 x 6 canvas
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I switched it up with acrylics for this painting and tried a new surface canvas  pre-painted with black gesso. I just love the vividness of the colors on this surface.

Changing the subject a bit, I already told you about the  great devotional called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Reading it today,  I loved the simple powerful truth for keeping my mind with the Lord.

This is directly from it, "Getting rid of your worries is simple:  Keep your thoughts on Me.  Whisper My Name to remind you that I'm with you.  sing a song of praise.  Tell Me that you trust Me.  I will get you safely through this day and every day."
 I challenge you to do this, try it out for one day, one hour, one half hour.  See what this does!! I think the difference you experience will encourage you to do it some more, then some more.   


Some paintings of January

January Challenge
Making a collage of the paintings of January.  I did 25 but some didn't make the collage. Some are camera shy and some well just didn't put their make up on today, some said , "not showing my face online..."  Paintings have a mind of their own, sometimes.
I surely enjoyed the challenge of painting 30 Paintings in 30 Days that Leslie Saeta posted on her blog, and would do it again in February if I could.  But I will enjoy getting back to painting larger, not that I couldn't have during the challenge but I think that I wanted to try working smaller for a change of pace. Check out the other artist's collages, you can get a link here.Would love to know which painting you like the most, Write me a note on my  facebook page  called The Art of Claudia Spencer Finn and please like it too. Thank you !!


Nest for Five

Nest for Five
 6 x 6
oil on canvas
Well this is my last painting post for the 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge.  Thank you Leslie Saeta for challenging me to paint more, I  enjoy it more as a result. This painting will be on Daily Paintworks soon, click the link on the left to see my paintings there. Thanks!!!  Perhaps this little painting would be a sweet housewarming gift for yourself or  for a  friend to represent the number of children in the  nest.


Impasto Cupcake titled Buttercream

Butter Cream
6 x 6
oil on canvas
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I painted this in heavy impasto (thick application of paint) which is one of my favorite techniques to use.  Check out all the artists out that are participating in the 30 paintings in 30 Day Challenge on Leslie Saeta's blog!!  It is fun to see the diversity of subjects!! This challenge of painting so often has given me a greater enthusiasm for painting!  Only one more day to go before the month of January challenge is over !!!I will miss seeing all the painters entries!
 Bid on this at Daily Paintworks.


Cupcake with a Heart on Top

Cupcake Painting
6 x 6
oil on canvas

I have really enjoyed pushing myself to paint everyday!  Leslie Saeta from Slices of Life probably doesn't realize the wonderful extent that this blog challenge, 30 Painting in 30 Days  has given me and I am sure countless of other artist participants.  Leslie, thank you so much for hosting it on your blog!!  Check out all the artist by following the link.