Cape Charles ~ A Happy Town

Yellow Field Series
16 x 40

Sometimes a scene will produce a harvest of inspiration.  I saw this beautiful field in Cape Charles, Virginia.  This town has just been named by Coastal Living Magazine as one of 2018 Happiest Seaside Towns!  It is easy to understand why when on every road I see things that are painting worthy such as boats docked, colorful gardens and fisherman in waders.

Here are the paintings that are available at Gull Hummock on Mason Avenue in Cape Charles inspired by that beautiful yellow field in May.  
Yellow Field Series
24 x 24
Yellow Field Series
12 x 24



30 x 30

This painting represents the verse from
 2 Thessalonians that says, "  And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.  "  I wanted the angel to direct us toward the love of God,  and this includes the patient waiting on Jesus in the midst of this world. 


Virginia Beach Neptune Poster 2016

What an honor it was to have my painting style chosen to create this year's poster for the Neptune Festival 2016.  As I thought about my motivation for it  I wanted to create a work that exuded joy.  My hometown has been hosting this amazing festival which brings together art and music at the ocean since I was a young girl.  Early on they had a sailing regatta and I always found it the most vivid of images with the sails and all their colors. 

 Contact me if you'd like help with a painting.


Waves in the Atlantic

Waves in the Atlantic
Oil on canvas 
36 x 48




Isaiah 33:21

Isaiah 33:21 

The Lord will be our Mighty One,

 He will be like a wide river of protection that no enemy can cross,

 that no enemy ship can sail upon.


What a comfort!  what a promise! 


Painting of a Clam Shell

Clam Shell
5 x 7
oil on wood panel
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bringing home treasures 
in a grey handled bucket 
sunshine memories  


Bringing in the Boats

Bringing in the Boats
40 x 40
oil on canvas
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Luke 5 : 11   So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.

Sometimes a scripture will inspire a painting.


Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas
11 x 14
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I have always loved the designs that can happen on old signs left out in the rain and weather . They get a sense of time and wear,   I like to try to duplicate this feeling in the Modern Vintage Floral series.  You can see more of them on Daily Paintworks.  


Morning Cheer SOLD

Red Peonies
ACEO 2 1//2x3 1/2

I love reading the Bible in the morning and this morning I got the special blessing of reading it with my husband.  A psalm and a proverb. The word is alive, which means to me it has impact, conviction, care and comes from  God so I trust it coming from love.  


Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas
11 x 14
acrylic on canvas
Hydrangeas are some of my very favorite old fashioned flowers.  I think it is because of the variety of colors they bloom in; but it also is that their bloom time is long and the violet complements every plant that blooms nearby.  They are a photo shoot waiting to happen.  Last year my late pruned bushes didn't bloom, so I am going to look for the bush called Annebelle because in Southern Living Magazine, the Grumpy Gardener told of it to replace the temperamental varieties!! Check out the other 30 paintings in 30 days on Slices of Life. This is day three and my third painting.